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For those moments when home is too far away. 2022

Inspired by the way my body operated in Les Fluer, For those moments when home is too far away is continued experimentation with the relationship between the body, the image, and the object. This particular household appliance has always held a very complicated and contentious place within my household and was a particularly difficult object for me personally as I dealt with my own body image. I began to understand the fridge and its contents as yet another form of archival material. The appliance within many homes acts as a sight of the photographic display; it makes sense that this object is brought into the work to further elucidate my desire to create a space that resembled the home. 


This reimaging took place through the creation of 3-d printed magnets, made from a series of self-portraits. By placing my body on this object in reference to the way I’ve engaged images within the home, I’m continuing my desire to make space reminiscent of that of my grandmothers while also rethinking what constitutes an archive. This, like the wallpaper, allows my body to be present within the space without being obvious and again makes clear the intrinsic relationship between the home, the body, and the archive.


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